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True Story: ADAPTS Saved My Son’s Life

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Emergency squad and airplane

 A customer from California came to our booth at the Abilities Expo our team attended earlier this year and told me: ADAPTS saved my son’s life! Her story had a positive outcome—and it’s a great example of why our favorite hashtags are #whywait and #minutesmatter.

She explained that her family, including their son, who has Cerebral Palsy, were traveling on flight #7618 operated by Air Canada Express en-route from Toronto to Washington National. They brought along ADAPTS and positioned it over his seat.

Then, the flight was diverted to Dulles airport due to smoke in the cabin. After landing, the plane was evacuated. The ADAPTS portable transfer sling helped the couple to carry their son single file down the aisle and onto an inflatable slide, where they reached the tarmac together safely. Mom then shared ADAPTS with flight attendants who used it to carry an elderly passenger to safety. All passengers were safely evacuated.

Check out our Evacuation Methods download to learn about various lifting and carrying methods (with and without ADAPTS) that can be used during an evacuation.

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