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First use on an @AlaskaAir flight this morning. Transfers in and out of aisle chair much easier, quicker and safer. Airline staff was impressed. Airlines should stock these on every plane.

-Brian, via Twitter

ADAPTS sling being used in New Orleans hotel

ADAPTS worked really well–can’t imagine doing the transfer without it. We were able to ‘package him’ up tightly so as not to have any appendages exposed to get tripped up. David is already talking about next year’s trip. He’s thinking Jerusalem!!

-Kristine, Caregiver, Boston

Now I can go back to Florida again!

-Customer, Chicago Abilities Expo

I purchased a portable transport sling at the Abilities Expo in L.A. this year. It is a great product. My dad was in the hospital during the expo and I bought it for him. One week later, he was transferred home by ambulance, and our hallway to the bedroom was too short and narrow for the gurney to turn the corner unless they folded it into a sitting position, so I pulled out the ADAPTS sling, and they were able to use it to get him from the gurney to his bed. By the way, the medics liked the sling. They had a trainee with them, and they had the trainee be the second person carrying my dad. They said they’ve used a sheet before in this kind of situation, but they liked how we had this sling handy because it is safer with the handles.

-Marsha S.

I bought my ADAPTS to help my wife transfer from her wheelchair to the dentist exam chair!

-Customer, New Jersey Abilities Expo

ADAPTS for when we travel!

-Kaleb’s family, en route to Six Flags and Morgan’s Wonderland

Kaleb on a plane with his ADAPTS

We originally bought ADAPTS for when we travel with Ryan, but we actually used it today when we took him to his doctor appointment and it worked wonderful so thank you again. It is a wonderful product!

-Alecia, happy mom, via email

We ran a series off medevac scenarios with our national life saving service, the RNLI, on our Wetwheels boats, primarily evacuating disabled casualties at sea using a range of options including the ADAPTS sling. Overall it was agreed that the sling option gave greater flexibility and made most transfer situations quicker and more efficient.

-Geoff Holt, Founder of Wetwheels

The ADAPTS sling and products like it are super important. These are products that are potentially going to help save our lives.

-Jeff Butler, Paralympian
Jeff Butler, Paralympian, reviews ADAPTS

ADAPTS is not only great for evacuating in case of emergencies… ADAPTS works great for everyday activities.

-Krystina Jackson, Ms. Wheelchair California 
Krystina Jackson, Ms. Wheelchair California, shares how she uses ADAPTS

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