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Product of the month: Life Secure

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At ADAPTS, we’re proud to share information about the quality products we find on our travels. Meet our friends at Life Secure, who make emergency kits and survival supplies, expertly-packaged and designed with top quality essentials.

contents of the LifeSecure emergency kit

The high visibility Life Secure 3-day emergency kit, shown here, pairs well with ADAPTS’ portable sling (and includes the world’s loudest compact safety and rescue whistle!) One of the founders, David Scott, writes that he first learned the power of being prepared during a Super Typhoon Yoling, which hit the Philippine Islands in 1970. He went on to co-found LifeSecure, just a few months before Hurricane Katrina.

For more than a decade, Scott has focused on superior emergency and disaster survival solutions. Find the product, here.