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Emergency Preparedness Advocacy Activism News: Learn More about the new REAADI Act

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At ADAPTS, part of our mission is to advocate for legislation that saves lives and empowers people with disabilities. Here’s an update to the READI act of 2018—now REAADI:

The legislation 

REAADI refers to the new Real Emergency Access for Aging and Disability Inclusion in Disasters Act. 

Why REAADI is important

Disasters across the nation are increasing in both intensity and frequency. Their threat to communities, especially those with older individuals and those with disabilities, continues to grow. The complex planning surrounding the preparation and response to disasters requires a coordinated effort among federal, tribal, territorial, state, local and non-governmental agencies. During a disaster, people with disabilities and older adults are two to four times as likely as their abled neighbors to be institutionalized, injured, or die.

What REAADI proposes

  • establish a National Commission on Disability Rights and Disasters to study the needs of individuals with disabilities, older adults and others
  • create a network of centers focused on training and technical assistance
  • create a competitive grant program to pilot strategies for greater inclusion
  • require the Department of Justice to examine how the civil rights of people with disabilities and older adults are or are not upheld in regards to disasters